What is the purpose of the LNHOA?    The primary purpose of the LNHOA is to maintain and enhance property values.

Do I have to belong to the LNHOA?    When you buy a property with an owned lot at Lake Nasworthy you automatically become a member of the LNHOA.  You agree that you’ll obey all the HOA rules and pay yearly assessments.

What if my lot is leased?    If the lot is leased from the city, LNHOA membership is voluntary.

What do I get for $50 a year assessments?   You get the benefit of an HOA that will fight for your property rights and values. The HOA gives homeowners a voice to work with community leaders to develop plans and actions to better our lake community.

But what do you do with my $50?   The funds are used for 3 main purposes. First, we have operating expenses such as newsletters, meeting notices,  postage, etc.  Second, we use funds for our annual meeting and BBQ.  The third is our reserve, which is used for special uses such as legal matters, purchasing safety equipment which has been donated to lake police, signage or other matters that come up which benefit our lake community.   Suggestions or special project ideas that would benefit the lake are always welcome. 

How is the HOA governed?   The LNHOA has a Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of 20 LNHOA members. The BOD are voted on at the annual meeting. Our officers include a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We also have several committees to include Safety Committee,  Membership Committee and Fireworks Committee.  There is also an Architectural Control Committee that serves as a seperate Committe from the Board.

When do the Board of Directors meet?   The BOD meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday. As of this writing we meet at The Hideout at Cains Cove at 6:30pm. All LNHOA members are welcome to attend.

When is our annual general membership meeting?   The last Friday of September at 6:00 pm

What are some of the things the LNHOA has done for the homeowners?  The LNHOA spent many hours working with the City of San Angelo to develop a plan to purchase our lots.  As a result, we were able to extend the length of our leases to open up financing options to purchase homes.   Along with our State Representative we were able to make the changes in Austin necessary to enable us to purchase our lots.  We have donated 2 sonars to the Police department to aid in search and rescue.  We fought for our community on tax issues (remember the city did not honor the “CAP” when property tax values rose). We were instrumental in getting the lake dredged.  We put on an annual fireworks display with donations from residents and area businesses.  We held a 4th of July poker run for years.  We have supplied signage at the lake.  We work with the police department and the city to resolve issues concerning the lake – the city looks to the LNHOA for advice and input on lake issues. We have spent time and money to beautify the “horseshoe” beach.  After major flooding, a couple of years ago we banded together to assist the city in removing the cactus, trees and other debris out of the lake to ensure safety and cleanlilness of the water.  We look forward to continuing to PROTECT YOU AND YOUR PROPERTY at the lake.  If you have any special projects or suggestions we welcome all ideas. 

How can I protect my property values and help the LNHOA?   Get involved!! What do you want to see happen !! Join a committee !! Pay your assessments !! Come to the meetings !!

Join us in making our LNHOA and lake community the best.